Update: It’s Been a Bit (Now Featuring Aiden Quotes)

Yeah, yeah. It’s been awhile. So sue me. I’m a new parent and now back to work. ;)

Aiden has been doing great. He is getting bigger as you read this. He is starting to “connect” more visually and via touch. Not reacting to his name yet, but come on he’s 7 weeks old, what’d you expect.

EXCITING NEWS: Now, I’m including quotes straight from the grunts of Aiden. They will be right below the picture.

Hope you enjoy the latest.

P.S. I gave up on the every-Sunday updates, but will be updating here and there maybe once a week or so.


photo (7)

“No Mr Peacock, my eyes are definitely bigger than yours.”


“Hey mom, look. My beer belly is already coming in.”


“One day. Just one day. I might be able to follow just one blade on the fan all the way around. One day.”


“Unless you got a part time gig with TMZ mom, let’s kick it back a notch on all of the paparazzi action. Can’t you see, I’m trying to sleep here?”

"This is my best Chandler Bing Smile. How am I doing?" (youtube: Chandler Bing Smile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq6br4KU9e4)

“This is my best Chandler Bing Smile. How am I doing?”

(youtube: Chandler Bing Smile)

Dreaming: "Daytime naps are the best. As long as I'm the only one taking them."

Dreaming: “Daytime naps are the best…as long as I’m the only one taking them.”


“Yo Grandma. I’m no dummy so stop trying to be a ventriloquist. I’ll talk when I wanna talk. Now, get your hand outta my back. I’m taking a picture here.”

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