Update: Aiden Turns 2 Months Old and Starts Marathon Training

Aiden is growing strong and keeping mom up late. Luckily, daddy is sleeping downstairs during the week so he isn’t getting the brunt of it. Aiden turned 2 months old young on May 7th and is doing great. He survived his vaccines and is ready to take on the world. He also had a visitorContinue Reading

Update: It’s Been a Bit (Now Featuring Aiden Quotes)

Yeah, yeah. It’s been awhile. So sue me. I’m a new parent and now back to work. Aiden has been doing great. He is getting bigger as you read this. He is starting to “connect” more visually and via touch. Not reacting to his name yet, but come on he’s 7 weeks old, what’d youContinue Reading

Update: Aiden Stars in a Movie & Has Amazing Pictures Taken by a Pro

At Aiden’s birth and within a week after, we had the incredible opportunity of having Alicia Wendland (check out her site by clicking here). If you live in the Denver area, I can’t stress enough how much you should have her take your baby’s birth photos. She is amazing and went above and beyond. HerContinue Reading

Update: Aiden Decides It’s Time to Start Growing