Aiden Makes His First Appearance

2013-03-05 09.27.38


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2013-03-05 19.18.11

6 Responses to Aiden Makes His First Appearance

  1. Kathy Clements says:

    Can’t wait to meet baby Aiden! Pictures are great! So happy for the Danrom / Pepler families. You all have an adorable new addition to the family!

  2. Norah says:

    How about the stats! How long is he? He looks like he will be tall!

  3. Leonard Damron says:

    I know I’m a little bias, but he is just too handsome of a little guy for words. Looking forward to seeing him at the end of this month and enjoying staying in touch with you all on Facetime and texting pics. Thank you and enjoy you little bundle of joy….cause when we get there he’s going to get spoiled!!!!

  4. Sandy Brown says:

    Oh, that little honey is sooo cute! So glad that everyone is doing well. Can’t wait to meet him in person, too. Congrats to everyone! Who does he look like??

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